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Q:  I am thinking of buying property on which to build my dream home.  Is it to early to contact Associated Development Services Corporation?

A: No! As a matter of fact, now is the best time.  The property you choose will have a profound affect on, among other things the views, size and cost of your new home.  We will assist you and your favorite real estate agent in selecting the property which best suits your needs.


Q.  I want to use Associated Development Services Corporation for the design and planning of my commercial project, but I already have a general contractor.  Do I have to use ALL of your services?

A. No. We can provide ANY or ALL services that you may require.  We will work with your general contractor to assist where ever needed.


Q.  Do you provide project financing?

A. No. But we will advise and assist you where needed with your selected lending institution to achieve the financing you will need.


Q.  Does Associated Development Services Corporation limit the style of architectural design I may choose?

A. No. We view architecture as a service and therefore do not limit the style of design you choose.  We will listen to your desires and advise you of any foreseeable consequences that may arise from your selection and endeavor to assure that your project meets all of your expectations.


Q.  Will Associated Development Services Corporation help me with my remodel or addition project?

A.  Yes. We have successfully completed numerous residential and commercial remodel and addition projects.  We look forward to assisting you.


Q.  I am a General Contractor and I would like build a project for sale.  Can Associated Development Services Corporation limit their services to architectural design only?

A.  Yes.  Associated Development Services Corporation has a number of General Contractor clients.  We will provide you with ANY or ALL of our services.  You choose the services you desire.


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